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The Life Writer unsung hero is the automatic book format.

That section of the computer code makes life story writing easy by automatically creating a beautiful life story memoir book without the writer having to do anything - except answer life story questions and/or add other content.

The auto book format will organize everything entered and create a memoir book automatically. 

- - - It works hard behind the scenes to make the writer look great!

Here are some examples of what it creates (please note: the life story questions shown below are not shown inside the book. They are for example purposes only):

1. The  Automatic Title Page:

Title Page























2. The Automatic Inside Title Page:

Inside Title Page























3. The Automatic Dedication Page (who the book is dedicated to):

Dedication Page























4. The Automatic Table of Contents (currently showing the default chapters):

Table of Contents























5. The Automatic Preface Page (which shows why the writer is writing): 

Preface Page























6. An Automatic New Chapter Example Page:

New Chapter Page























7. An Automatic Inside Chapter Example Page (questions not shown):

Inside Example 2 Page























8. An Automatic Inside Chapter Example Page:

Menu Page























9. An Automatic Inside Chapter Example Page:

Another Inside Example























10. An Automatic New Chapter Example Page:
























11. An Automatic New Chapter Example Page:

What I Lke























12. An Automatic New Chapter Example Page: 
























13. An Automatic New Chapter Example Page:
























The auto book format is made up the following 14 chapters by default (and approx. 500 life story questions):

Chapter 1: Our Family History

Chapter 2: My Early Childhood

Chapter 3: My Elementary / Middle School Years

Chapter 4: Our Family Back Then

Chapter 5: My High School Years

Chapter 6: The College Years

Chapter 7: Military Service

Chapter 8: Dating and Marriage

Chapter 9: Starting Our Family

Chapter 10: My Occupation / Career

Chapter 11: Retirement!

Chapter 12: My Favorite Things

Chapter 13: What I Have Learned in Life

Chapter 14: To My Children / Loved Ones

Of course, you don't have to use any of those questions or default chapters if you don't want to - and you can add your own unique chapters / content as well.

The Life Writer automatic book format - the unsung hero - was designed to be easy to use, extremely helpful, and flexible. And it is. 


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