Life Story Writing Benefits Everyone

Children Can:

  • Learn their family history and heritage
  • Develop a vital family connection, a sense of belonging, increased emotional well being and higher self esteem
  • We’ve done our homework. Check out blog post #1 about Dr. Kornhaber’s research.

Parents Can:

  • Receive valuable child-rearing experience, support, and assistance
  • Bolster their own relationship with their parents, strengthen the entire family and boost love, respect, and closeness for all
  • Don’t just take our word for it. See blog post #2.

Grandparents Can:

  • Feel joy by fulfilling the essential role of family historian, mentor, and role model
  • Feel satisfaction by contributing to their family’s emotional well being
  • Want to learn more? Read blog post #3.

Life Story Writing Is Easy with the Life Story Composer App

Just Answer Questions to Automatically Create a Life Story Memoir

The Life Story Composer App offers the user hundreds of customized life story questions, with example answers. The user can choose which questions to answer and they can add their own content.

The app automatically creates a life story memoir by organizing the user’s answers into a cohesive life story narrative, organized by chapter.

Photographs, recipes, letters, and other digital memorabilia can be added easily.

Collaborate with Your Loved Ones

With just the click of a link, the app allows users to share photographs, collect stories, and connect with family and friends anywhere in the world.

Print out or Publish Your Life Story

The final life story memoir can be kept a PDF, shared with family and friends on line, or printed out in many different ways, including as a book. Users can produce life story memoir books themselves, or we can help.


Life story writing connects the generations, strengthens family ties, and shares life advice wisdom. The process benefits everyone.

Your life story is your family’s legacy.

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