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Our Story

The Life Writer business began when my husband and I decided to write the life story of my 90-year-old father as a gift (that's him and me at right). My dad didn't think his life was special or worthy of preserving inside a book. 

- - - But once he began writing it, he loved it!

And when it was finished, we all found it to be extraordinary - filled with many previously unknown stories, life experiences, and lessons learned. All of his thoughts, adventures, and treasured photos are now inside that wonderful book for our family to enjoy and cherish for generations. It has inspired us all. We are grateful to have it now.

 (That's his book below, with his high school graduation photo on the front).

The life writing process was so amazing, that we began providing that same service to others. But we saw a problem: While just about everyone wanted it for their family, many could not afford the fee because it took so long to do.

That really upset us because we saw how beneficial the writing process and result was.

Every family should have that capability!

So we created The Life Writer App (patented) which automates the life story memoir book writing process. It makes memoir writing easy, affordable, and available to everyone for the first time ever!

Now,  just about anyone can write and share their life story with those they love.

Our story
First book cover

The Life Writer Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire, empower, and improve lives - by making life story writing available to everyone.

Social Responsibility

We are  committed to making life writing available to everyone and have adopted a BUY TWO, GIVE ONE policy. For every two The Life Writer Apps we sell, we will donate another free copy to someone in need.

Do you know a person (or group) that could benefit from using The Life Writer? If yes, let us know.

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