Our Story

The Life Writer began many years ago after we decided to write the life story of my then 90-year-old father, as a birthday present. He (like some people) felt that his life wasn’t special or worthy of preserving inside a book.


But once he began the life writing process, he loved it.


And when his life story was complete, our family loved it. We discovered his life was extraordinary! It contained many previously untold stories, photographs, and lessons learned in life. The life writing process and end result was amazing!


All of my father’s thoughts, experiences, and feelings are now preserved inside that beautiful hardbound book. We are very greatful to have it now.



We received requests to help others write their story afterward and we did that. That job was very fulfilling, but we saw a problem: while just about everyone wanted life story writing for their family, many could not afford the $1,500+ fee we had to charge. 


That bothered us because we saw how benefical the process and end result was. We wanted everyone to have that same opportunity. So, we created the patent pending The Life Writer software app, which automates the process. 


And while we are featured on this Our Story page, we understand it’s not about us at all – it's about our customers. We are dedicated to making life writing process easy, affordable, and available to everyone because the process and result informs, inspires, and enhances lives!



Teri & Marc

The Life Writer co-founders




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