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When you are done writing your life story you can:

 * Keep it (maybe release it later)

 * Share it with family & friends online

 * Print it out at home, at a print shop, or online 


We can also help you with book printing. Our affiliated publisher, McNaughton & Gunn, located in Saline, Michigan, specializes in life story writing and first time writer books.

Two typical book print options include:


Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books / 6 x 9 size / 5 - 20 books = approx. $178.00 (shipping not included). Example shown below.


Hard Cover Digital Case Bound Books / 6 x 9 size / 5 - 20 books = approx.  $952.00 - 1,064.00 (shipping not included).

Optional dust jacket = $105-132 per set.

Example shown below. 


To see what the inside of your book will look like click here:


To learn more about McNaughton & Gunn click here:

















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