Life Writing Suggestions

There is no right or wrong way to write a life story but here are a few suggestions to make the process easy and fun.

  1. Answer Only The Questions You Want To

    You can answer all, none, or some of the questions we provide. Skip the questions you don’t want to answer. Browse through them all and add your own if you wish.

  2. Answer With As Much Detail As You Wish

    You have great flexibility with answer length. You can answer questions in super detail (dozens of pages per question) or simply (just one sentence). Take your time, enjoy the process, and answer the questions with as much detail as you need.

  3. Include Your Thoughts And Feelings

    Your life story is your own personal account of life and a great way for family, friends, and others to know, understand, and celebrate you. Let them know your thoughts, feelings and why you did what you did in life. They will cherish that insight.

  4. Include Photos Wherever Possible

    Photographs and other valued memorabilia (such as recipes, news clippings, certificates, and mementos) are a great way to tell your story visually. While it’s true a picture is “worth a thousand words” the story behind the photo is even more fascinating. Don’t forget to include details on who is the photo and why it was taken.

  5. Don't Worry About Using "The King's English"

    Some writers worry about using proper grammar and language. Don't. Tell your story the way you want to - in your own words. Your loved ones will hear your voice when they read your story, and they will love it.

  6. Watch The Life Writer How To Videos

    We are in the process of creating a series of How To Videos that show how The Life Writer works. Contact us with your questions and comments.

  7. How to Use Automatic Speech-to-Text

    The Life Writer app uses automatic voice transcription (Auto Voice) to transcribe your words into text automatically, so you don't have to type your life story in by hand. Auto Voice works with:

    - Just about every tablet that has a microphone (iPad, Samsung, Google Pixel, Lenovo, etc.)

    - Just about every smartphone that has a microphone (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, etc.)

    - Just about every laptop and desktop computer that has the Google Chrome operating system installed 

    (Google is the world's most popular web browser. If you don't have Google Chrome you should consider adding it. It's easy to do, absolutely free, and you can keep your old browser also. See the 7 slides below for additional info).


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