Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a gift certificate is easy: 

1. Go to the Try/Buy Now page and purchase one license for The Life Writer with your information (total cost: $79.00).

2. Call or email us (888-501-7325 or [email protected]). Tell us that you want a gift certificate and give us the name of the giftee, if you want their name printed on it.

3. We will create that customized gift certificate and email it out to you the same day.

When the giftee is ready to begin writing their story, have them contact us. We will establish their account and help them use The Life Writer.   


The Life Writer fee is a one-time payment of $95.00. It is not a subscription or reoccurring payment. The reason the fee is that low and not a subscription is because we are dedicated to making life story writing easy, affordable, and available to everyone. We want to keep that fee as low as possible, so that as many people as possible can write and share their life story! 

You can answer as many questions as you like - all, none or some. You can look over all the questions and write your story without any questions at all. The questions make the life writing process easy, but you don’t have to use the questions if you don’t want to.

You have many options. You can:

  1. Keep it (maybe release it later)

  2. Share it digitally with family & friends

  3. Print it out at home

  4. Print it out at a local print shop

  5. Print it out with online publishers

  6. We can help you print hard/soft bound books with our affiliated book publisher also

We are committed to making life story writing available to everyone. For every two The Life Writer apps that we sell, we will give another free copy away to someone in need. Do you know someone that could benefit from a free copy of The Life Writer? If so, let us know.

You will own your life story, alone. Your life story is your own legal property to do with what you wish.

Yes. The Life Writer offers a collaboration link for that very purpose. You can have the link emailed out to anyone you wish to collaborate with. They can add content (such as photographs and stories), answer life story questions or help you edit your story.

Yes, of course. Call our toll free customer service number (888-501-7325) to receive help using The Life Writer. We offer unlimited toll free support to all our customers and are in the process of creating How To videos as well.

No. No one else will see what you have written inside your life story memoir unless you choose to share it with them.

Yes, you can add photographs and other digital memorabilia (such as letters, recipes, news clippings, certificates, maps, etc.) to your life story. The Life Writer was specifically designed to do that.

Many things, including:


1. Special Life Story Questions

The 500+ questions used inside The Life Writer have been developed from working with “real world” customers. They are the soul of the program and are unique, original and exclusive (copyrighted). Those questions make the life writing process easy and result extraordinary.


2. Automatic Voice Transcription

The Life Writer uses “auto voice” technology to transcribe your words into text automatically – so you don’t have to type your story in manually (you can answer the life story questions with just your voice). Automatic voice transcription makes the life writing process easy, fast and fun.


3. Our Commitment to Customers

It has taken us many years to develop The Life Writer and we have done so because we are dedicated to making life story writing easy, affordable, and available to everyone. We stand behind that commitment to our customers and offer unlimited toll free support to everyone.

The Life Writer does the same thing that professional writers do: It asks you questions about your life, it records your answers, it copies your
photos, and it organizes all of that information automatically into a narrative inside a book, divided by chapter. It automates the life writing process.

The Life Writer app uses automatic speech-to-text to transcribe your words into text automatically, so you don't have to type your life story in by hand.


Auto Speech-to-Text Works With:

- Just about every tablet that has a microphone (iPad, Samsung, Google Pixel, Lenovo, etc.)

- Just about every smartphone that has a microphone (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, etc.)

- Just about every laptop and desktop computer that has the Google Chrome operating system installed 


(Google is the world's most popular web browser. If you don't have Google Chrome you should consider adding it. It's easy to do, absolutely free, and you can keep your old browser also. See the 7 slides below for how to add it):


How To Add Chrome Step 1



How To Add Chrome Step 2



How To Add Chrome Step 3


How To Add Chrome Step 3B

How To Add Chrome Step 4

How To Add Chrome Step 5

How To Add Chrome Step 6

No, there is currently no time limit for existing customers to use The Life Writer. Take as long as you wish, to write and share your life story.

Yes! Discounts are often provided for more than one order. The amount varies though, so give us a call or drop us a line. We would be happy to discuss those options with you.  

Yes,  you can add a chapter, delete a chapter, and change the automatic chapter format if you wish. The Life Writer was designed to be very flexible because people have different wants, needs, and desires. You can also copy / paste existing text and other content into it!  

No, you do not have to use the automatic speech-to-text option. You can also write your story by hand - by typing it. That is how The Life Writer began. Automatic speech-to-text is offered as an option only. You can also use both ways, if you want to!

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