Writing Is Therapeutic - Just Ask Javacia


From working with life story writing and writers, we know that writing is therapeutic.

We know that the process and result benefits:

- The Writer

- Their Family and Friends

- Our Society

... But, it's always nice to see someone else confirm that also - like Javacia Harris Bowser.

Javacia was leaving work one night in Kentucky, when a driver drove through the crosswalk she was in and hit her.

Lying on the ground, the first thing she realized was that she was alive (thankfully).

The second thing was that she was going to write about it.

Because she is a writer.

That’s who she is and what she does.

She is also obsessed with stories and story writing.

Javacia was a newspaper reporter. She was an English teacher. She started See Jane Write, a website and community for women who write. 

But Javacia isn't obsessed with stories because she is a writer - we ALL are.

Author and teacher Jonathan Gottschall says that we humans are "the storytelling animal". Whether you’re having a conversation with friends, watching a movie or a TV show, reading, playing video games, listening to music, or studying your religious faith – you live your life caught in a storm of stories.

We use stories to understand the world, and we use stories to understand ourselves.

Stories can change lives. Stories can give people courage because they realize they are not alone. Stories can give people the information they need to act on that courage, also.

"But sometimes the life you need to change is your own" Javacia says. 

"Sharing your story with others may make you feel vulnerable, but it can make you feel powerful, too, as you find your voice and honor your truth.

And sometimes you just need to write for you. Remember how we kept journals and diaries as kids? Whether we were angry, scared, happy, or sad we poured it all out on paper and somehow felt better even if nothing had actually changed.

Sometimes I just ask myself, “How do you feel right now and why?” and write down my response. Every morning I write a list of things I’m grateful for. Sometimes I write about hardships I’ve overcome in the past to remind myself that I’m stronger than I think I am. Sometimes I write letters to my future self. Other times I write letters to my younger self " she says.

I could not agree more.

We have seen the same thing with life writing and life writers.

Which is why we always say: Life Story Writing is a Journey of Healing, Self-Understanding, and Transformation.

Because it is.

Thank you Javacia, for saying the same thing your way.

- - - Are you ready to write (and maybe tell your story)? 

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