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We received a customer testimonial recently that I wanted to share because it summarizes exactly why we do this:

'My mother is so excited to begin. She told me: "Brian, I've been thinking about all of these stories from when I was a kid, ever since you told me about The Life Writer program. I can't wait to get started!" ... So, thank you, Marc for helping to make a special Mother's Day for my mom. We definitely needed it, especially considering that my mom was unable to see myself or my brothers due to the pandemic.'

                                                                                                                                                         Brian,   Chicago

Brian F2                                 Brian And His Mom, Diane in Chicago
















You are so welcome, Brian.

The joy, family connection, and love that you feel are exactly what drives us to make life story writing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives.

Because that is what it does.  

Life story writing is a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

The writing process and result (the memoir book) benefits the writer, their family/friends, and our society.

We have seen that SO many times with so many writers and their families.

That is why we created The Life Writer app: To connect families and to help people.

When we wrote the life story of my wife, Teri's 90-year-old father back in 2007, we were stunned at how the writing process and result benefitted her father, her family, and us.

It was amazing.

And, her dad was reluctant to write his story, because he didn't think he was special.

He wasn't wealthy or a celebrity, and he didn't think that people would buy his book at Barnes & Noble.

He was right. It wouldn't sell there.

But, he was wrong about not being special.

Because he was VERY SPECIAL to his FAMILY and they wanted to know his story.    

So, he said yes and we began.

Once we did, he LOVED it!

So many memories came back to him, just as Diane describes above.

He didn't want to stop. Which was cool. 

We learned A LOT about him, about his life, and about life in general.

He told us many things that almost no one else knew.

That is how many parents are.

One example: Do you know how your parents met for the first time?

I do, because I know their stories:

My mother and father were in Canada on vacation with friends at Wasaga Beach. One guy had a car, and a whole bunch of young people climbed into it to go to the store (for some "beverages"). My mother and father - who did not know each other - piled into the back seat and got scrunched together.

The rest is history.  :)

- - - So, why does knowing and understanding YOUR PARENTS story benefit YOU?

Because you are part of them.

You came from them - and whether you like it or not - many of your personality traits, idiosyncrasies, and outlook on life stem from your parents.

So, not only is their life story interesting to you, knowing it also benefits you because you can understand yourself better.

Thank you very much, Brian for your wonderful and special testimonial.

We look forward to helping your mom write and share her story. 

We are honored to.

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