What I’ve Learned in Life: Our Pearls of Wisdom


When we first started The Life Writer, Pearls of Wisdom were a wonderful by-product of life story writing.

‘Pearls’ were short life story snippets and/or life advice offered by memoir writers, as a way of helping (and often entertaining) others. 

They went away briefly during version 2 of The Life Writer app, because we wanted to focus on improving the technical aspects, including adding a new automatic speech-to-text capability (great job, Vardot! (https://www.vardot.com/en-us)). 

... Well, it’s time to bring the Pearls back now, and especially because of the Coronavirus. 

So, we have added a new Pearls page on our website, so that we can gather and share Pearls there. 

Our mission is to make life story writing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives, and sharing Pearls of Wisdom is one of the best ways to do that.

One of the many benefits of life story writing is that it connects the 3 generations: parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. But, because of the Coronavirus now, that connection is very broken.

Grandparents are strongly advised to stay away from everyone, and especially their grandchildren because they can carry the virus.

So, we have decided to keep that connection alive by gathering and sharing Pearls of Wisdom.

Help us do it.

Share your or a loved one’s Pearl with us today. 

Do you work inside a Continuing Care Facility or know someone that does? We will reach out to them about establishing a Pearl of Wisdom share program.

Contact me directly: Marc DeVincent / 888-501-7325 / [email protected]



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