Thank You, Jessica

The Life Writer team

One of the best things about our business is connecting with people from all over the US and world. We received a wonderful endorsement this week from Jessica, who lives in another country:

"Using The Life Writer app was great. I used it to create a Life Story  to become a foster carer - the prompts were so useful and it was easy when it was broken down into manageable sections. I would definitely recommend it to other "Aussies" - as well as everyone else who needs or wants to document their life Story!"  Jessica

Can you guess where Jessica lives? Here are a few clues:

  • It's about the size of the United States
  • It has the cleanest air in the world, and the mountains there receive more snow that Switzerland
  • It has the oldest human history on Earth (50,000 years) and the fossils date back 2.4 billion years.
  • It was the 2nd country to allow women to vote (New Zealand was the first)
  • They have many beautiful beaches. If you visited one every day, it would take you 27 years to see them all (I would like to accept that challenge)
  • The residents like beer – the average citizen drinks about 25 gallons a year... and they don’t drink Foster’s Lager!
  • It is a highly diverse nation, with 200 different languages spoken, and about 25% of the residents being born abroad
  • One of the cities there was ranked “most livable city in the world” for the last 3 years in a row  

The answer is… AUSTRALIA.

We are very happy to have Jessica as a customer. She is our very first in Australia, and we are honored to receive such a warm recommendation from her. Thank you very much, Jessica, for sending that in!

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