Thank YOU For a Great 2021


My intention today is simple. 


1. Caring enough (and being wise enough) to be interested in life story writing.

2. Being a part of our life story writing community.

3. Communicating with us about... everything (your thoughts, suggestions, comments, issues, and just general banter)! :)

It has been a true joy working with all of you in 2021, and besides that, our business has done very well this year also - which we are very thankful for.












I also wanted to pledge something to you: A significant improvement in our outbound communication, beginning in early January.

... See, our small team is humble and not prone to exaggeration, grandstanding, or promoting something that we would not honestly use with our own families, ourselves.

So, it has not been easy to jump on the social media (and other) bandwagon and just go to town honking who we are, what we offer, and what our mission is.

Which is: To Make Life Story Memoir Book Writing Easy - to Inspire, Empower, and Improve Lives.

Still, crystal clear communication is important - and especially in this high information / hectic world - so I feel that we have not done a good enough job in 2021 in that regard, with communicating how we can serve our customers and society.

So, you will see a big change, happening soon (like 12 days).

And I will let you in on a little secret also: Part of that improvement will involve the use of YouTube videos, which we have been generating and experimenting with for the past 4.5 months!

There are some nice technical improvements coming to The Life Writer App in 2022 also.

- - - But, enough shop talk.

The fact is, we would not be here, this website/app would not be here, and the joy we feel today would not be here if it was not for YOU.   

And we won't forget that.

So, thank you for a great 2021.

We appreciate you - - - and promise to serve, support, and communicate with you even better in 2022. :)





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