Special Message About Coronavirus


As you know, the coronavirus (CV-19) has ravaged the planet and is bringing tremendous discord to the U.S. now.

It is just beginning to appear here in Cary, North Carolina and will probably peak in intensity in the next 5-6 weeks. Depending upon the timing and severity of that affliction, our health care system could be overwhelmed and unable to care for all that are ill.

CV-19 seems to be particularly troublesome to older people, and since I am over 60 years old, I am potentially in the lethal crosshairs. 

It is very sobering to think that your (my) life could be coming to an end in a month or two, but that is a possibility.

They say that people go through certain phases in life - where they have distinct wants, needs, and desires at various points. I know that once you raise your family (like my wife Teri, and I have) you realize that your time will be coming to an end at some point in life.

- - - That is not even an option to consider when you're raising your family (!)

From what we have both seen first-hand in life, we know that there is a Creator (no matter what the name/label/belief). We also believe that it is important to GIVE BACK to life and society, and not take more than you receive.

That is part of the reason why we decided to create The Life Writer app, because the life story writing process and result BENEFITS SO MANY PEOPLE: The writer, their family/friends, and our society.

Our mission is to make life story writing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives.

Because that's what life writing does. 

And, we are doing it.

So, as the Coronavirus spreads across the U.S. and world, we have decided to GIVE AWAY 100 FREE copies of The Life Writer app to people that want to write their life story and leave behind a legacy for their family and friends. 

From hearing so many life stories, we know that the vast majority of people are good in the world, and that they pretty much want the same thing for their families and selves. Because of that, I think the CV-19 crisis has the potential to do some good in the long run.

... Because it will force people to slow down and remember/realize what is really important in life.

One Final Comment: One of my favorite movie lines is from the film APOLLO 13, when actor Ed Harris (who plays NASA's Gene Kranz) is confronted by the Director of NASA during that real life crisis. The NASA Director tells Ed Harris: "This could be the worst disaster NASA has ever experienced!" Harris replies: "... With all due respect, sir, I believe this will be our finest hour."

And it was - because they were able to bring the Apollo 13 crew back to Earth safely.

I have a feeling that the current CV-19 challenge will do the same thing: Bring out the best in people.

If You Would Like a Free Copy of The Life Writer App, or Know Someone That Would, Contact Me:

Marc DeVincent

The Life Writer CEO & Co-Founder


[email protected] 








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