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One of the best things about life story writing is the RSVP - Real Story Via Photo.

Can you guess what the photo above is about?

Here's The RSVP:

A steel mill in Youngstown Ohio was on strike, so some of the guys that worked there went to Wasaga Beach in Canada for vacation. A girl from Buffalo was also there with her friends. One of the friends had a car, so a bunch of people jumped into the car for a beer run. The car was packed, and the girl from Buffalo was scrunched into the back with the guy from Youngstown. Well, one thing led to another and he began to put the moves on her. She didn't like that too much.

She slapped him.

They rode in different seats on the way back.

A few days later the girl from Buffalo saw the guy from Youngstown playing ping pong (he was good). The guy from Youngstown saw her, put his paddle down, went over to her and apologized.

She accepted his apology and they began to talk.

For days. 

The rest is history.

...Those are my parents in the photo above and that is the true RSVP of how they met.

When I first heard that story I was stunned to learn that people actually drank beer back then,  went on beer runs, and that my dad was trying to be Casanova.

I love it.

RSVPs are great because they promote authenticity, understanding, and a connection.

Just like life story writing does.

Do you have a RSVP you want to share? Maybe we can start a dedicated RSVP page. 


PS: Yes, my parents are still together after 61 years - - -  which is also amazing!

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