Our Priority: Connecting The Generations


As many of you know, my husband Marc and I started The Life Writer several years ago after we chronicled the life story of my then 90 year old father, George.

We were stunned to see what a beneficial and powerful impact that process had on the family. Everyone loved learning about my father’s story, much of it unknown at that point, and it pulled our family closer together.

Seeing that greatly unexpected benefit is the reason why we started The Life Writer;  so we could help other families connect, communicate, and become closer.

Initially, The Life Writer was a “custom” life story writing business, where we interviewed one person at a time, and wrote their life story for them. That task was fun and fulfilling, but we had a problem: Due to the amount of time it took to complete the process and to print out books back then (at least $500) the service wasn’t inexpensive. 

And while just about everyone wanted life story writing for their family, many just could not afford it.

That bothered us because we saw firsthand how important and beneficial the life story writing process was to the writer of the story, to their family and friends, and to our society.  

So, we decided to do something about it.

We dipped into our savings and retirement accounts (which were by no means, huge) and we got with a small software firm up in Cleveland. We decided to make technology help us by automating the life writing process.

After a couple years of development, THE LIFE STORY COMPOSER APP was launched. 

The “Composer” asks the user a series of special life story questions (the same questions we used in our custom life writing business) and the app automatically creates a life story memoir, based upon the answers.

The life story is organized automatically into chapters and the user can add photographs, recipes, letters, certificates, or any other digitized item. 

If the user wants family members and/or friends to be a part of the life writing process they can, by using a special internet link the app offers. That link will give others access to the life story work in progress, so they can add photos, other stories, or help to edit it.   

If the user wants to print out a physical life story book, they can, in many different ways. And we can help them do that with our affiliated digital on-demand publisher if they wish. Printing out hard or soft bound books is much easier now, more affordable, and they can be delivered right to the user's door.

The Life Story Composer App makes the life story writing process easy, affordable, and available now, and it only costs $99.

It has been a joy to see the "Composer" help families connect, communicate, and share.  

Connecting the generations has always been a primary goal of The Life Writer. A well connected family benefits: the parents,the grandparents. and the grandchildren.

Stay tuned for coming enhancements to the Life Story Composer App. We want to make it the very best it can be! 



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