Nurse Teri's Advice: Follow Your Passion


My Advice to Others: Follow Your Passion.

I would have to say my passion is helping people.  Being a nurse for 39 years has been a great way to help people, and I am thankful that is the path I chose.  It has not been a boring career - and especially during a worldwide pandemic! Not that I’m a brave nurse on the front lines treating COVID-19 patients though, but even office nursing has its unique challenges.

Life story writing has also been a way to follow my passion for helping people. My husband, Marc and I have met so many interesting people through life writing. It has improved our lives by hearing their amazing stories! They are everyday folks, not celebrities, but their stories are encouraging, and they remind you of the great things that anyone can accomplish if they just try! 

All of the different nursing jobs I’ve had over the years has allowed me to help people in many different ways and learn valuable life lessons at the same time. 

At the hospital, I learned the importance of good health, and to never take that for granted.  The elderly patients there were my favorite teachers. They made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time! They gave so much great advice every day. For example, they would say: "Make the most of every moment", and "Don’t ever forget to show respect to others." 

I hope that I never forget all the lessons learned from them, and life writing.

When working with children, they always reminded me to stay in touch with my own inner child.  I think I have that down pretty well according to our children! :)

Being around kids was fun and exciting, they are not afraid of new things, or to tell you the truth - if you want to hear it or not. I was supposed to be helping them a lot of times, but they were actually helping me!

My time spent with pregnant women also reminded me to treasure the gift of life.

My advice to everyone is to follow your passion, but remember to document your journey also along the way. You never know who you can help by your unique experiences!

Consider sharing your own story, not just for yourself, but for helping others.


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