Memoir Writing Software - How The Life Writer Works


The Life Writer app automates what "real world" life writers do in person.

Those folks (us, 8 years ago!) sit down with life story writing customers and ask them questions about their life.

Those questions are usually in chronological order, and comprise the following subjects:

1. Family History

2. Early Childhood

3. The Elementary / Middle School Years

4. The Family Back Then (parents + siblings)

5.  The High School Schools

6. Military Service

7. College

8. Dating & Marriage

9. The Occupation / Career

10. The Favorite Things in Life

11. What They've Leaned in life

12.  A Special Message to The Children (or Loved Ones)

Of course, if those topics don't apply, those questions would not be asked.

The life writer would then record the customer's answers to the questions, and also look at / scan their favorite photographs and other memorabilia (letters, newspaper articles, certificates/licenses, recipes, etc.).  

They would then transcribe the customer's words into text, download their photographs, and organize all of that content into a beautiful life story memoir book format, divided by chapter.

They would then have physical books printed, if the customer wanted those.

It is a lot of work and it takes a great deal of time - which is why life story writing ain't cheap. Many professional life story writing services begin around $50,000 and go up from there. 

My wife,Teri, and I used to provide that service to others, and we loved it.

The writing process is profound and beneficial to ALL INVOLVED, including the writer, their family/friends, and our society.

But, we saw a problem:

Because it takes so long (and is consequently so expensive) not every family could afford it. That bothered us, because we saw how beneficial it was.

We felt that EVERY family should have that capability!

So, we created the The Life Writer app (recently patented) which automates the process and makes life story writing:

- Easy

- Affordable

- Available to All

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