Memoir Writing Innovation


When my wife and I began our life story memoir writing business 12 years ago, we had no idea that it would change from a sitting down across-the-table one customer at a time operation, to managing a global online software application (!)

But that's how the world works today, and it seems that technology is moving even faster now. 

So consequently, we are always looking for ways to keep current with the technology, to give our customers the very best memoir writing service we possibly can.

Toward that end - of being agile and improving our service - we are enrolled in a business innovation course sponsored by an organization named the Innovation Experience (link attached below).

And working with the Innovation Experience organization has been a real eye opener!

(Full Disclosure: I used to work at Honda of America as a Quality Engineer. It was my job to find quality problems in new car models and fix them - fast. And I did, with 400+ problems worked on during my 15 years there. So, I thought I was pretty sharp when it came to problem solving, creativity, and innovation. WRONG. Innovation is not problem solving. It is not creativity either. It is a realm onto itself, and nuanced - especially when it comes to business development).

I am far from being any kind of expert on innovation either - but I am learning a lot - and especially on how we can apply that methodology to our life story writing business.

... And when my wife and I began this business 12 years ago, we also had no idea that we would be working with software companies offshore (!) Which is extremely common today with software development, apps, and cyber related business.

We have worked with an EXCELLENT software provider for the past 7+ years: VARDOT, which has offices in Santa Clara, California, Amman, Jordan (who we work with frequently), and Cairo, Egypt.

A Vardot link is attached below also.

(Memoir book content is hosted inside the United States only, on secure servers).  

The Innovation Experience organization is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel - only 68 miles from Amman - so the internet is truly "shrinking" our planet.

We are all becoming more connected because the speed of light makes communication anywhere super-fast!

So, if you are looking for a great software company and/or specific ways to become much more innovative, check out the Vardot and Innovation Experience links below.

Both are excellent organizations.


PS: And if you are worried about a "language barrier" (because they speak Arabic in Jordan, and Hebrew in Israel) don't be. I don't speak a word of either language. Both organizations communicate perfectly in English!  






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