Memoir Writing Emails Begin: Tomorrow


We have done a pretty good job of promoting The Life Writer App, except for one area:


I love to write, and I have plenty to say - - - especially about how beneficial life story memoir writing and sharing is.

But I am also the type of person that does not want to bug, badger, or bully anyone if they are not interested in the subject (!)

No Bull












And I don't want to BS anyone either, although on Fun Day Friday I will a bit.

So, to improve our email communications, we have purchased a new email marketing/distribution program.   

It will help us organize our current email file and communicate properly with anyone and everyone - and especially our beloved customers.

These type of programs have been out for a while (beginning about  20 years ago) so we thought it was about time we began using them!

(Better late than never).













Our intention with the new email tool is: Communicate the very best we can with everyone.

We already have a sizable number ("database" is probably the correct term) of customers, friends, family, and folks interested in life story memoir writing, so it will take us a little while to break that group down into several smaller groups of similar interest.

But we will.    

It will be great to improve the communication capability we have now.

Our company is growing (we will probably hire another full-time person in January) and we need to improve our communication efficiency.

One of the first things I did today with the program was to add this footer to our messages:


(Told you we won't ever bug, badger, or bully anyone). 

The training for the new email tool says that we need to pick a distribution frequency (how many times we send out emails each month).

And they suggest  - rather aggressively - that we should send out emails EVERY WEEK (!)

That seems way too often to me,  so we are going to send only twice a month now to begin. If our readers like what we send, and they want more, more often - so be it. 

But we are not going to assume that is the case.

















(What's that old saying about assuming?) :)

We have a great deal of flexibility on the type of content we choose to share also. But, that won't be a problem because we have tons of stuff to share.

Of course, it is all about our readers and customers: YOU, so we will be asking for your feedback and input!

You will get what you want.

One thing for sure though: There will be plenty of "Insider" stuff and deals for everyone.

(We will make it worth your while)!

If you are not on our email list already, but want to join, please do.

The best way: Respond to the website's pop-up box (which asks for your email), create a free trial account, or email me directly.

My email is: [email protected].

I will put you on our list, and I'll thank you for signing up.  

So, all you writers out there - and writers want to be - contact me!

This video shows you how The Life Writer App works:


Do you need a gift certificate? This is what they look like:










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