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Did you see the story last week about the couple flying home after adopting a baby?

Caren and Dusty Moore had been trying to have a baby for 9 years but could not. So, they adopted a baby in Colorado and were flying home to California when the new mom found she had to change the fussy newborn's diaper. A Flight Attendant helped her to find a space to do that, and while she was there, she asked about the beautiful little baby girl. 

Caren told her their adoption story and a bit later in the flight the Attendant got on the intercom and said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a very special guest on the flight today. She’s only 8 days old and she’s traveling home with her mom and dad.’ 

The cabin erupted into cheers and applause. The flight attendant also said she would pass out a pen and napkins to anyone that wanted to send a note of well wishes to the new parents or baby.


The Moores were totally blown away by the overwhelming feeling of love, support, and encouragement they received from that many total strangers on their flight.  

Care Flight

Caren Moore and Her Daughter. 

The event is truly inspiring, but it also does not surprise me because I have seen that same type of thing related to life story writing many times before.

The other passengers on that airplane, like the vast majority of people everywhereare good and kindhearted. They want to help others and they often do.

Providing life advice and wisdom to others (and especially their own family) is often a primary reason why people want to write and share their life story - to help others. 

The first version of The Life Writer website included a page entitled: Pearls of Wisdom, where life writers and the public could post short life story snippets and life advice to others. We have decided to bring that page back once again. You will be seeing it soon.

Feel free to add your own life story snippet when it shows up!

Life story writing can inspire, empower, and improve lives, just as the Moores found out recently, by all those people that wanted to help them on their flight.

So, share your story to help your family (... and maybe the world).

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