The Life Writer Purpose + Axiom


We will be undertaking several new marketing initiatives in 2024, and that job begins with answering the fundamental question of: “Why Are You Doing This?” and/or “What is Your Intention?” with The Life Writer business?

Here is the answer.

The Life Writer Purpose: 

Our purpose is to inspire, empower, and improve lives - by making life story writing available to everyone.

Because that is what life story writing (and sharing) does automatically. 

We have seen it ourselves many, many times.

Along with that purpose, we have also developed The Life Writer Axiom, from listening to life story writers who have contemplated life.

Here that is.

The Life Writer Axiom:

Life is a gift, and everyone comes into this world for a reason.

Your purpose is to discover that reason, while helping others with love, humility, courage, patience, and strength. 

… Does that sound like a made-up advertisement for some BS product?

Like frozen pizza, maybe?

(Yes, it's close to lunch, and pizza sounds pretty darn good right now)!

But no - that Axiom is not made up, and it's not designed to sell anything.

- - - It is actually what we believe, from working with life story writers for the past 15 years.

Because life truly is a gift, and it's an honor to be alive, even today with the extreme turmoil that seems to be happening all around the world.

And it sure beats the alternative also, which I have thought about myself, recently.

Because 5 of the 15 players on my high school soccer team have passed on already - and I know that our time here is certainly limited (!)

Which is what makes life so valuable.

So, please think about writing and sharing YOUR STORY - with our memoir writing app or another - so that you can inspire, empower, and improve a life or two.  

That’s why you are here.














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