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We have been making YouTube videos for about 2 months now, in an effort to improve our communication and better explain exactly what we do.

So far, it has gone well - and has been really fun also.

YouTube recommends putting out a short video (like 1 minute in length) that explains what your you channel is all about and what type of videos viewers can expect to see there.

We are finishing up that video now and it should go out Monday afternoon.

But I wanted to give you - our appreciated blog reader - a preview of what that the video will be ahead of time. 

The video is broken up into the following 4 sections:

1. The Opening (me saying the blue below):

Hi, my name is Marc. 

I created this channel for one primary purpose: To Inspire, Empower, and Improve Lives.

... Hopefully even your life.

If you subscribe here, some of the videos you’ll see include:

The purpose above is very similar to our company mission: Make Biography Book Writing & Sharing EASY - to Inspire, Empower, and Improve Lives.

2. Section two shows what they call 'B Roll' (other photos and videos that support what is being said).

I am always happy to use as much B Roll as possible, because I don't want to bore our viewers too much with just my 'talking head' )! 

Five basic video subjects are given in the video's Section Two. Those include:

- How to Be Happy in Life 

- Why Your Life Matters 

Life Story Writing & Sharing 

- Inspirational Stuff by Everyday People 

- Our Crazy Dog, Simon 

3. Section three has me back in from of the camera again, saying this:

 Our goal is to help you to be yourself, to find your way, and to live your life to the fullest! 

Join our community of Lifers' by subscribing today. 

That goal above (help you to be yourself, find your way, and live life to the fullest) is what usually happens when someone is inspired, empowered, and/or has their life improved.

- - - Hopefully, we can do that for you YouTube viewers! :)

4. The last section of the video offers contact information.

Here it is, if you need it:

Marc DeVincent


[email protected]

These short videos are even more fun to make than the long ones!

And they force you to be concise also, which is kind of a nice challenge (especially for those of writers that can ramble on forever)!

Here is the video:



Here is a link to our YouTube channel / click on the gold The Life Writer name below:


And try out The Life Writer App today for free. Here is a link to do that:

PS: The blog image I chose comes from that video - - - it is not my backyard (I wish it was). I am using a green screen with the videos now to brighten up some of the backgrounds. And as you can probably tell, we are still learning. I cut off part of my head in the speaking scenes I shot for the video, but that's okay (hopefully, no one will notice because of the ocean in the background)! :)  




















My Backyard

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