Life Story Book Example Video 3 Done


We released Biography Example Video 3 yesterday - the 3rd video in the series, which illustrates what a biography book example can/should look like.

The example actually comes from our website (see the tab: EXAMPLE BOOK) and was broken up into different 3 videos, to keep the running time short (less than 5 minutes each).

It was really fun making those videos and we were able to add a bit of humor also - always a good thing!

We used our dog, Simon, for that purpose and received some positive feedback on having him in there (very probably because he added fun to my humdrum yamerings)!

Seriously though, life story memoir book writing can be a serious (and sometimes) intimidating topic, so we wanted to lighten the topic up and let people realize they CAN and SHOULD do it, for their benefit. 

Here are some segments from Biography Example Video 3: 









Simon has been "complaining" lately about the loud, aggressive drumroll we used at the beginning of the 3 videos - to show the Biography Example book quickly - (hence the earplugs). Simon is pushy + bossy (he actually was in the real world) so I thought I would throw on an appropriate COVID mask description also!

(I know there are plenty of real 'bossholes' out in the world also).









During the 'My Career and Occupation' chapter part of the video, I mention some crazy occupations - including Airplane Duster.

The photo above shows a real airplane that was used in World War 2 to liberate Europe from the Nazis: The Memphis Bell, a famous B-17 bomber.  

For you aviation buffs (like me) go see the National Museum of The U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio - which is where that photo was taken. It is one of the very best aviation museums in the world and admission is totally FREE (paid for by our taxes + worth it).

One of the crazy occupations I had to remove from my initial choice was: 'Human Bed Warmer' because my wife said the photo was "too provocative." She is probably right. That job got cut (from being married so long, I've learned to listen to her - - - at least much of the time)!

Human Bed Warmer








I guess some high-end hotels actually offer such a service (?!)

I also wanted to show this photo which was in the video also, and taken about 4 years ago at a McDonald's restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Simon + MD











It shows me giving some of my double cheeseburger to Simon for a special occasion. Simon absolutely LOVED their French Fries, and he would get some of those more often.

The last part of the Biography Example Video 3 shows 'Simon's book' (about his rivalry with the famous sled dog Balto) becoming a big hit and selling all over the world. 

Simon Hits It










Of course, it's bunk... but it could happen. :)

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