Life Story Book Example Video 1 Done


We put out our first YouTube video a few weeks ago, and WOW was it fun!

It took "forever" to complete (like most new things) but it was a labor of love.

The HOW TO books I've read on making YouTube videos say that your first video is always a disaster - so don't worry about it - it's just part of the learning process.

- - - Taking that pressure off helped a lot!

The books also say that many people WANT to create YouTube videos, but often don't because:

1. They are afraid they will be embarrassed.

2. They are afraid of the many "haters" out there, that will criticize them unfairly.

The books say that you should stay focused on your YouTube audience/customer constantly and not worry much about numbers 1 and 2 above.

Fair enough. 

Our intention with the YouTube channel and videos is to show people how beneficial life story writing is, and why they should consider doing it.

With Regard to #1 and 2 Above:

1.  I am too old to be embarrassed now (I've been embarrassed about everything at least once already)!

2. I know haters exist. I have already seen them pop up from time-to-time. From what I've experienced with that, they are usually seriously misinformed (having no idea who you actually are or what you're doing) and/or are the competition, trying to hold back your brand.

(I learned a long time ago that if you are focused on your competition, your mind is in the wrong place. Instead of constantly watching others and trying to compete with them, you should focus instead on maximizing YOUR OWN capabilities. That is really the only thing that you can control anyway).

One last comment on that: Back in the day, one of the rock bands I listened to (I think it was Metallica) was asked about their controversial new style of heavy metal music. The answer they gave was (essentially): "... If you are not pissing someone off in life, you are not trying hard enough or doing what you should be doing."


A typical Heavy Metal attitude!

Teri and I created The Life Writer App because we saw how life story writing HELPED PEOPLE, and we wanted to make that same capability available to everyone.   

That is our intention. Our Mission is: Make biography book writing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives.

A few final comments about Video #1:

We decided to make the tone (the personality)of our YouTube videos:

- Fun

- A Little Weird 

-  Inspiring (if at all possible)

Because life story writing can be intimidating.

Not many people have been able to do it before - except for the wealthy and celebrities - and people often think: "... I'm not famous! No one will want to see my story."

(Like it was sold at Barnes and Noble).

And they are correct.

The vast majority of life story books will not be picked up by a huge publisher and sold worldwide.

- - - But YOUR FAMILY does want to see and know your story.

And it will benefit them, as well as you.  

One Really Final Comment

Our dog Simon is in video #1 and #2 to add some humor, zaniness, and life to my (typically boring) commentary.

He was a good dog, but he passed away unfortunately about 2 years ago.

I decided to specifically include him, because when we were designing/building The Life Writer App back then,  he would lie on the floor and watch me work, for HOURS (many times all day).

So, it became kind of a joke that my co-worker Simon was doing what he did best: Watching me work (!)

... He is earning his keep now, though.   

(RIP, Simon. You were a good boy).










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