Life Advice: People vs Technology


They say you can't teach an OLD DOG new tricks... but that's not true.

Because I've learned something really important over the past few years.

When I was in college - back in the ancient times - I was a Technology Major and way into science, engineering, and understanding how technical things worked.














One day, during a senior seminar, the professor asked our class:

"What has been the most important thing you've learned in college?"  

The guy next to me stood up and said:

"It's the people. The friends I've made, and the relationships I've had."

I thought to myself: What a dumbass! Learning about science, engineering, and technology in college is way more important than making a few friends and having a good time in college!" 

... Oops.  That was a f-up'ed assumption.

Because I've learned since that people are everything.

No amount of technology, money, or scientific know-how is more important than a small group of people working together toward a common goal - - - no matter what it is.    

And I was reminded of it earlier today, after reading Lucy Pearson's article:

My Friend Left Me The Most Powerful Words of Advice Right Before She Died 

Those words of advice are:

“Try not to place too much importance on material things,” Becs wrote. “You will see one day that they are not important. Love yourself and your family and friends. This is important. ALWAYS allow time for them. Take every opportunity you can, no going back. Make decisions from the heart.”

Lucy's friend, Bec's, advice was right on the money.

100% correct.  

Because at the end of the day, true joy and happiness comes from being connected to, and around other people.

Not machines (including computers), science, or cutting edge technology.   

My college classmate was right - way back in 1981! 

It has taken me a while to learn that myself, but I finally have.

Lucy Pearson's excellent article is attached below.

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Take Care.










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