Life Advice: It's Okay to Be Different


In 1908, the industrialist Henry Ford (the guy that started the Ford car company) created the world's first assembly line - a manufacturing technique used commonly today for mass production.  

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One of the important characteristics of mass production is: Part Standardization. 

All parts used in the mass production process must be the same size and shape (so that any part can fit any car).

That's taken for granted today, but was a big innovation back in 1908.

Standardization and mass production are great for producing quickly and cost effectively. 

And I think that same type of rationalization - everything must be standardized! - has crept into our society a bit as well.

... As has quantifying, categorizing, and statistically defining everything.

Because doing that make things predictable.

But, the "Standardization = Good" argument does not apply to human beings, because we are not machines and we are not made inside a factory.

We were created by God, the Creator (whatever you want to call the Divine Being) each with a different soul, and a different reason to be alive.

We are not machines or robots.

We are all different to some degree - which is a good thing!

Which is why I wanted to share the excellent article below, written by Roselle Umlas, on (article link is below).

Entitled: Embrace Your Quirks - 10 Reasons Why Being Unique is a Good Thing, Roselle provides 10 reasons why it is actually good to be different (!)

Here is Her List: 

#1. Being Unique Allows You to Stand Out in a Crowd And be Noticed.

Great point - especially if you are an extrovert.

(But not for us introverts! Doing that is a nightmare).

#2. It Lets You Express Your Individuality And Creativity.

That is something I do love.

Writing and "dreaming shi- up" (as my brother used to say) is what I like to do. 

- - - Such as writing this blog.

Digging that old factory photo up was especially fun (although I was hoping to find one for the Acura NSX).

#3. It Can Make You More Confident And Self-Assured.

Yes, definitely.

Because it is authentically who you are.

You don't have to waste a bunch of time or energy trying to hide who you are.

Why bother?

The world certainly NEEDS more non-standard, unique, and different people in it today!  

#4. Being Unique Can Help You Develop a Strong Personal Brand And Identity.


But, is that why bad actors "act out" so much today?

Are they trying to out-repulse the competition?

I think so.

#5. It Can Make You More Interesting And Engaging to Others.

That makes sense.

... Could that be why my wife has stayed with me all these years?

(It surely isn't because of my "6 pack" or butt - she says I don't even have one).

#6. It Allows You to Be True to Yourself And Live an Authentic Life.

That is certainly true.

Because I know that we will all be judged properly when we die, and a big part of that evaluation will be via:

What did you do to help others and make the world a better place?

#7. It Can Help You Build a Sense of Community With Like-Minded Individuals.

Awesome side benefit!

Who wants to go see Metallica with me when they tour the southeast US?

(Damn. They're not? We'll have to go to Sweden)! :)

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#8. It Gives You The Power to Say No And Establish Boundaries.

Okay (although easier said than done).

#9. It Can Contribute to Your Overall Happiness And Well-Being.


Because you are being who you actually are (which is less taxing and work)!

#10. It Can Give You A Sense of purpose in Life.

Definitely true.

Being authentic and doing what you came here to do, is very rewarding and liberating.

I mean, that's why we are all here, isn't it?

GREAT article by Roselle.

Here is The Uncle-Mike-5-Second Summary:

It's okay to be different, and yourself.

It's actually good for the world!


Here is Roselle's article:











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