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I saw an article today that summarizes something that has always been really important to me: Being Yourself - - - being who you really are.

Because believe it or not, being alive is a gift, and everyone comes into this world with a specific purpose and/or reason.

I know it does not seem like that often times today - due to the incredible challenges we face - but I truly believe that is true.

Everyone is unique and everyone comes here for a reason, which is why I wanted to share an article from PSYCHOLOGY TODAY written by Suzanne Deeges-White (article link attached below) entitled: You Do You: How Being Yourself Pays Off.

Suzanne's summary: Authenticity offers emotional protection and supports satisfying relationships.

I agree.

And this paragraph from her article is especially right-on-the-money:

Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin takes a lot less effort than play-acting someone else’s idea, or your idea, of who you “should be.” It’s kind of like advice about lying: it’s harder to keep a story straight when it’s not based on the truth. We spin our wheels trying to remember the various details that we artfully inserted into a fabricated story and end up crashing into traps of our own creation. Learning to be authentic is more about unlearning the habit of trying to be someone you’re not.

Let me summarize my own thoughts here: If everyone is unique and everyone comes here for a reason, why waste your time trying to be something or someone that you are not?

- - - Because for one thing, it's WAY too much WORK! :)

And for another, if God, The Creator, or however you name the all-loving entity that created everything, made us all unique and sent us here for a reason, should we second-guess that design, and assume we know better?    

(I don't think that would be wise - although I am sure others would disagree).

Suzanne Goes on to Explain:

Hallmarks of Authenticity
  1. Awareness of how you feel inside about the world and the people in it. It’s okay to be unhappy or angry about what you see happening, but lying about it to yourself isn’t the best choice if authenticity is what you’re aiming for.
  2. Ability to take in and process information about yourself with an unbiased perspective. Most everyone thinks the best of oneself and wants to focus on their strengths, but being able to acknowledge and accept shortcomings and areas for growth will provide a foundation for growth that “rose-colored glasses” won’t allow.
  3. Behaving in ways that are congruent with your aims and beliefs. We lose respect for people who “say one thing but do another.” Don’t be that person.
  4. Engaging with others with no intention to deceive or exploit anyone. Lying to get what you want suggests that what you want isn’t yours to request.

I worked at Honda of America for a long time, and saw that BEING DIFFERENT there was actually better than being the same when it came to creating things or solving a problem in a team setting. Because when you have different backgrounds, perspectives, and outlooks working together toward a common goal, that is way more beneficial that having just a group of similar "robot-like" individuals spewing the same or similar thought process. 

The only caveat: The diverse group has to have - and understand - a common goal and work together to attain it.  

Because attacking others - who are different - serves no purpose, other than to destroy the system itself eventually.

Suzanne's Conclusion:

It’s not “putting on an act” or showing “false bravado” or an inflated sense of self-esteem that offers us “rejection protection,” but the practice of living an authentic life. When “you do you,” it gives those around you the opportunity to be themselves, as well. This honesty and genuineness form the foundation on which satisfying and dynamic romantic relationships, friendships, careers, and futures can be built.

- - - Well said, Suzanne and so true.

So, the next time you feel uncomfortable or out-of-place, just remember that it is TOTALLY OKAY to be TOTALLY YOURSELF - - - and that by doing that, it can actually help you and others. 

Take Care.


Here is Suzanne's Excellent Article:





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