Life Advice: 11 Ways to Help Yourself by Helping Others


I just read a wonderful article in COUNTRY LIVING magazine (based in the UK) that I wanted to share here also (article link is below).

It is entitled: 11 MEANINGFUL WAYS TO HELP OTHERS AND GIVE BACK IN 2023, but I modified the blog title here, because one of the BEST WAYS to help yourself is by helping others.  

Let's Look at Country Living's Top Eleven Ways:

Option #1: Donating Unwanted Items to Charity

Always a great idea, and a win-win situation for the person donating, because of:

- Possible tax savings (via charitable deductions)

- Feeing up your living space

- Improving your home's Feng Shui (clutter = A big no-no) :)

Option #2: Volunteering at Your Local Food Bank

An excellent suggestion, because: 

- That need certainly exists

- You can get some "exercise" at the same time (YES, I mean "some steps in" + some light weightlifting)

- You can realize how great you actually have it, and feel thankful

Option #3: Helping The Homeless

The Country Living article suggests donating money as a way to do this, via:

- Donating to a homeless organization

- Donating to a homeless shelter

- Donating to a charity that helps people pay their utility bills, especially in the winter (a great idea)!

Option #4: Supporting An Animal Rescue Center

- Volunteer a few hours each week, in your local community

- Donate money for animal food and shelter

- Consider adopting an animal (cats are also an option)!

Option #5: Fostering A Guide Dog in Training

This is a great idea - that I would have never thought of.

The Support Could Include: 

- Possibly donating your dog for training 

- Providing temporary care for another animal in training

- Other ways to help those organizations - just give them a call!

Option #6: Picking Up Litter in Your Community

A great suggestion, with many benefits for you also, such as:

- Getting fresh air and exercise (steps again) outside

- Improving the look - and hopefully, the property value - of your community

- Developing a new affinity for a litter reduction group/team (or improving affinity by working with your family/friends)

Option #7:  Befriending an Older Person

The Country Living article suggests becoming a Telephone Friendship Service Volunteer in the UK.

Googling that name, brought up similar options in the US - such as: 

- Phone Pals / Circle of Care

- Phone-a-Friend / Adventures in Caring Foundation

- Social Call / Front Porch /

Option #8: Volunteering As a Translator

Another great idea and option that I would never have thought of! 

... Perhaps because my own "foreign" language skills are so poor. I took French in high school WAY BACK in the day and picked up some Spanish from playing soccer (mainly swear words ((!)), but beyond that, not really an option for me, unfortunately.

The article suggests contacting a company named Charity Translators in the UK, which seems to be a global entity:

Option #9: Supporting a Local Cause

Yes! I was hoping the author - Lisa Joyner - would suggest a "Whatever is important to you, locally" category, because those are usually the most motivating and personal choices.

Lisa Adds Two Options Here:

- Use social media to help promote a cause 

- Research existing charities in your area

... My sister-in-law volunteers a few hours each week to help kids who have difficulty reading, learn how to read better. She loves doing that, and it has really helped the kids also.

Option #10: Helping Ukrainian Refugees

An amazing suggestion, because it is so needed, and especially for so many people impacted in Europe.

And there are online ways to help Ukrainian refugees here in the US, also.

Here are 3 Options From The Website Impactful Ninja (link below):

- United24

- Razom For Ukraine

- Prytula Foundation

Option #11: Supporting Rewilding Projects (in the UK)

I am sure there are MANY environment service-related opportunities here in the US as well.

Here Are a Few I Found From Googling: 'Environmental Volunteer Options':




So, as you can see, there are MANY WAYS to help yourself and others in 2023.

Why don't you pick an option or two (that are important to you) and go for it?

I'll bet that you will be glad you did.

Happy New Year!


Here is the original Country Living article: 


Here is the Impactful Ninja article: 










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