Life is About Purpose - We All Need One


I am sure that many of you have heard about Tom Moore, the 99-year-old British World War II veteran that wanted to raise money for U.K's National Health Service (NHS) to fight COVID-19.

Tom decided to challenge himself and walk 100 laps of his rose garden before turning 100 years old on April 30th. And he wanted to raise some NHS funding from the website for doing it.

His goal: Raise $1,250. His daughter thought that amount "would be a stretch."

But, Tom persisted and his quest caught on.

More than 347,000 people have donated to his NHS cause so far!

The funding raised: Over $16 million dollars!

That's 12,800 times over the goal of $1,250.

"Let's all carry on and remember that things will get better," Moore told BBC News. "We have had problems before — we have overcome them — and we shall all overcome the same thing again."

Moore's story draws on two pillars of traditional British identity that were established in the 1940s: pride in the country's World War II victory and the NHS, which is free to everyone to use.

"Life is all about purpose. We all need a purpose" Hannah Ingram-Moore, his daughter told the BBC. She said that her father would probably keep walking also, until he has to stop.

- - - I have heard that everyone needs a purpose before, from other life writers, and I agree.

I find Tom's true story to be really inspirational for three reasons:

#1. Tom wanted to help the NHS, and especially NOW during the nasty COVID-19 crisis.

#2. He had the courage to establish both an ambitious physical goal and fund raising goal for himself.

#3. The public responded to Tom's quest in a REALLY HUGE way. (I told you most people are good)! 

Congratulations, Tom and job very well done.

You are an inspiration to us all.

Have you, yourself ever thought about doing something like that?

You can, if you try.

And, have you ever thought about writing and sharing your story, to inspire your family and maybe your friends?

You can do that also.

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