Inspiration: A Result of Life Story Writing


My wife, Teri, and I have heard many inspirational life stories from the life story writing customers we have worked with over the years. 

Many stories have been about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events and circumstances.

There has been war (World War II, Korea, Vietnam), trying economic times (especially the Depression), and general challenges that people and families have to face time to time.

Trying times seem to happen to many people at some point in life.

They say that your character is defined by how you handle challenges and adversity. That seems to be true, and I think that challenges are also often times given to us by the Creator for a reason. 

You've probably heard the old saying: "You wouldn't have been given that challenge (i.e. that opportunity) unless you could deal with it..."


It has been really inspiring to hear the stories that we hear, and to realize that the person sitting in front of us has had to overcome such obstacles in life.

We have been amazed by what people can do, if they have to. Humans are incredibly resilient and tough! 

Many of those stories have been a true testament to the human spirit, condition, and to life itself.

Thank you to all our life story writing customers for offering your real life inspiration. Your stories of overcoming adversity have been informative, interesting, and extraordinary.

Please keep those stories coming, so that others might be able to benefit from that inspiration as well.


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