Improvements Coming in Early 2022


We are making a number of significant improvements in early 2022 in order to:

1. Serve YOU (our Customer) Better.

2. Communicate More Effectively.

3. Inspire, Empower, and Improve Lives Everywhere.

And while those changes ARE coming, I am not at liberty to disclose the details yet :)

... But I can tell you a little bit about our motivation to improve and serve YOU the very best way we can.

Some of that desire stems from my previous work experience at Honda of Manufacturing, Inc. back in the day (Marysville, Ohio).

I was a Quality Engineer there and spent most of my time testing brand new automobile designs - - - before they were released to the public.

That job was interesting and fun because we worked with the very latest automobile technology, and because we had the opportunity to find hidden/unknown (and often expensive) quality control problems before the new model went to mass production status.

The auto plant I worked at was the primary Honda production facility in the U.S. back then, and located right next to the Honda's original motorcycle manufacturing plant, which was brought into being back in September 1979.

Honda Blog      












That original plant was kind of a pilot program / test, to see if Americans could build high quality products consistently - like the Japanese associates did in Japan.

(There was some question about that back then by the Japanese and Americans ).    

Today - 43 years later - we know the answer: It is YES, of course.

But, but back then it was an unknown and a $35 million gamble by Honda.















































The reason I bring up that Honda history is because I saw how totally dedicated Honda was to exceeding the customer's expectation and how they strove for continuous improvement.  

I have adopted that same philosophy for our company and growth.

And although we have come a long way and created something extraordinary and successful: The Life Writer App, we want to make that service and offering even better - - - which we are doing now.  

YOU (the customer) are who we value the most, and who we listen to for those improvements.

So, THANK YOU for being our customer and allowing us to serve you! 


- - - The thumbnail shows Mr. Soichiro Honda, a self-made man and very unique creator of Honda (image courtesy of 




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