How to Write a Memoir: One Bite at a Time


We used to help people write their life stories by hand - one customer at a time - and over time, developed a series of life story questions that we would ask the customer to make the writing process really easy and fun.

Those questions we not just about the facts of life (where were you born, etc.) they also asked WHY they did the things they did in life, what they learned from that, and if they would ever do things differently.

We eventually created 550 life story questions for that use, organized by subject.

(See The Life Writer App's default chapter format below).

And when we created The Life Writer App itself a short time later, we loaded all of those life story questions into the app for the same purpose: To make the writing process easy and fun.

But we still receive a fair number of questions today about those 550 questions, such as:

1. Do I have to answer ALL of them? 

2. Do I have to answer the questions in order?

3. Can I add my own questions and content?

Really great questions.

Here are the answers:

1. Heck no! You can answer none, some, or all of the questions - - - that is totally up to you. Those are there just to make the process easy.

2. Heck no, again. The Life Writer App is pretty smart, and it will certainly remember what you have written AND where you stop in your book, so you can jump around anywhere inside - any way that you like.

3. Yes, certainly. You can add your own content also (without the questions) any way you wish.

... I look at explaining the situation like going to a buffet restaurant.

All of the food there has been selected to satisfy the many different wants - and tastes - of the paying customers.

Don't like seafood?

- - - No problem.

Check out the chicken, beef, turkey, pork, lamb, or duck!

Don't like vegetables or salads? 

- - - No problem.

Check out the pasta and potato stations.

Don't like dessert (does any such person exist in the world)? :)

- - - No problem.

Check out the gourmet coffee, teas, and other beverages.

The point is, a buffet restaurant offers you a wide selection of different foods to choose from.

Depending upon your taste that day.

You do not have to eat everything inside the restaurant (although Joey Chestnut might try to!) and you do not have to eat the food options in any particular order.

(Yes, easting your dessert FIRST, is certainly okay)!

... That is how The Life Writer App was designed also: To be super flexibility, and let YOU choose what YOU want to do. 

No, you DO NOT have to eat your broccoli if you don't want to!

Enjoy and dig in.























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