How to Write a Life Story + Why You Should


We released this video recently: FAQ #2: Why You Should Write Your Life Story because many people do not understand the many benefits associated with life story writing and sharing.

Life story writing is very often a JOURNEY - - - of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, which benefits everyone: The writer, their family & friends, and our society. 

It can also connect the 3 generations: Grandparent to Grandchild, Grandparent to Parent, and Parent to Grandchild.

Which is a very natural and vital connection to all!

Grandchildren Can Benefit By

- Discovering previously unknown family history and heritage

- Developing an important sense of belonging

- Establish deep family ties that can last for generations

Grandparents Can Benefit By

- Fulfilling the very natural role of historian and mentor

- Offering a broader perspective on life

- Feeling happy, by being better connected to their family (and helping them)

Parents Can Benefit By:

- Improving their own relationship with their parents

- Learning from their parent's experiences

- Strengthening the entire family unit

- - - Life story writing and sharing can also be very therapeutic.

But don't take just my word for it.

A recent U.S. government study found that 5 Written Exposure Treatments (similar to life story writing) were as good or better than 12 Cognitive Processing Treatments (CPT - the normal/typical treatment) for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Life story writing and sharing connects families, improves lives, and makes the world a better place.

Everyone should have the ability to write and share their story!

But few do, because in the past it has been:

- Difficult

- Time Consuming

- Expensive if you received help

In the past, only the wealthy and celebrities wrote their life stories - - - because (only) they could! And their audience was very often the general public. They would sell their memoir to anyone and everyone. 

Two things Have Changed Since Those "Old Days":

#1. Very innovative technology (such as our patented The Life Writer App) :) has made life story writing and sharing easy, affordable, and available to everyone for the first time ever. 

#2. Life writers today do not have to share their story with the public. They can keep it to themselves (maybe release it later), share it with their family & friends (typically a very wonderful thing to do), or share/sell it with the public if they choose to.   

So, write your story today - and share it with your family and friends if you want to!

They - and you - will be very glad you did.

Here is the YouTube video that summarizes that:



 And here is a video that shows how The Life Writer App works:



And finally, try out the app for free here!:
















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