How to Write a Life Story - Video Snippets


I had a GREAT conversation with a customer yesterday (GEORGE) about The Life Writer App and how easy it is for us here to 'not see the forest, because of all the trees!'

We are typically so focused on the 'hard side' of the business (the app's technical aspect and related performance) it is often difficult to back up, change the perspective a bit, and look at The Life Writer App from a new life story writer's view.

Which is why the app exists!

- - - That is also a big part of the reason why I love talking with our customers so much.

During the conversation yesterday, George said: "Oh, I see now. ... But, it would have been great to see that demonstrated."

DING DING DING DING! (Game Show bell ringing).

... Ah, yeah. George, I get it now! 

WE know The Life Writer App like the back of our hands, but new customers certainly do not (!)

And, since our mission is: Make life story memoir book writing & sharing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives, we need to do something about that!

So, beginning tomorrow, we will begin putting out  a series of new 'How to Write a Life Story - Video Snippets' for The Life Writer App. 

The Snippets Will Be:

1. Numerous in Number:  They will cover almost all of The Life Writer App operations and options.

2. Short and Sweet: They will be focused on a specific task; not wasting the customer's time.

3. Annotated: They will be easy to understand.

(And since you have read this far, I will let you in on another little secret: To keep The Life Writer App video snippet library lively, interesting, and entertaining, I will also throw in a few bogus snippets that have nothing to do with life story writing)! 

Those will be really fun! :)

George, thank you again for your comments yesterday - - - as well as your wise insight!

YOU are the person that has caused those new video snippets to be created and brought into being.

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