How to Use Auto Speech-to-Text


You can use The Life Writer's auto speech-to-text function to transcribe your words into text automatically without having to type your life story in by hand ...(finally)!

This is how to use that on your device: 

1. On a TABLET COMPUTER with a built-in microphone, just select the auto speech-to-text icon on/near the keyboard and begin talking (Apple iPad shown below).

The tablet's microphone will pick up your voice and transcribe your words into text automatically. The Life Writer app will then format those words into an impressive life story memoir book automatically. (To see how that works, see the blog post before this one).



2. On a SMARTPHONE, it's the same. Just click on the auto speech-to-text icon on/near the keyboard and begin speaking (an iPhone is shown below).























3. On a LAPTOP COMPUTER equipped with Google Chrome, select The Life Writer's automatic speech-to-text icon located above the writing space (see below).

- - - If you don't have Chrome, don't worry! Consider adding it. It's an outstanding internet browser and it's totally free. It is easy to add and we can show you how (see the link at the bottom of this page).



4. On a DESKTOP COMPUTER, it's the same process as for laptops.

Please Note: Google Chrome is required on laptops and desktops only. It is not required on tablets or smartphones. 



5. On an ABACUS (the world's first computer) you still have to use your hands. We have not developed that software program yet.


...Seriously though, adding automatic speech-to-text to memoir writing has made it easy, fast, and fun.

It has taken us a while to finally develop that capability (thank you very much, Vardot!) and we are honored to offer it now. It is a big step toward our goal of making life story writing easy, affordable, and available to everyone

- Here is the link that shows you how to add Google Chrome (see the "How Does Automatic Voice Transcription Work?" question):



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