How to Write A Memoir With Friends


Our company was honored recently by Rotary International, when they asked if they could use The Life Writer App in a new memoir book writing class at a local community center - which they wanted to sponsor.











We said yes (of course), and the class began 5 weeks ago (that's us below).










It has been a blast - so much fun and joy - in large part due to JUNE GURALNICK, the creative writing professional that runs the class (that's her in the middle with her arm around me). 

Craig, Greg, Tim, and several other Rotary International members have helped HUGELY also (that's Greg behind me) and they did a really good job designing the course and making everything happen.

Our class is actually unique because it incorporates younger members of the community also, and not just senior citizens.

That mixing of the "old" with the "new" has been especially fun. 

We have all shared many life story segments, as we work toward building our life story memoir books, and those stories have been truly amazing! We have heard many REALY stories about family, friendship, hope, identity, love, persistence, and other topics.  

- - - The whole experience has been very cool.

When we created The Life Writer App, it was originally designed to be a writing tool that any person could use to make the life story memoir book writing process easy, affordable, and available to all.

And it certainly does - but the app has evolved and morphed into several other uses also - such as with the wonderful Senior Center / Rotary group writing experience.

Our course only runs for 3 more weeks, and I am going to really miss it when it is done.

(We will have to think of a way to keep it going)!  

We have learned a lot from this inaugural group memoir writing class, and the next version will be even better! :)

When YOU are ready to begin writing YOUR life story, think about doing it in a group setting like we have above.

- - - Because time flies when you're having fun!

Do you need multiple copies of The Life Writer App for such a purpose?

No problem. Give me a call.

We will make it happen! 


888-501-7325 (texts okay also)

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