How to Reduce Stress


If you are a living, breathing human being, chances are that you have been feeling a spike in your stress level this year.  

It’s impossible to not watch the news, talk to coworkers, read social media posts, or even listen to the radio without feeling your anxiety rise. 

I admit it - I am stressed out.  

But, I don’t like to feel that way and it’s not good for my health, so I am doing a few activities that will help. 

I hope they will help you too:

- Take some slow deep breaths, inhale and exhale through your nose and count to 10

- Listen to music, lively music for movement, calm gentle music to unwind

- Eat healthy foods that are delicious and fun

- Sleep is not a luxury!  If you feel more anxious and stressed you need more sleep!
   Taking a warm bath, reading a good book and avoiding screen time may help

- Exercise that you enjoy will keep you motivated. I run for cardio fitness, walk for
   relaxation and to view nature, and do yoga for stretching. There are many options

-  Learn to laugh!  My father had this uncanny gift to laugh even during the most difficult
    times. I guess with six kids you must do that!! He lived to be 95, so laugh when you

- Remember some of the positive things in your life right now. Think about your loved
   ones, your health, friends, pets, your home, reading a great book, birds singing, being
   able to see and hear, being thankful for the adventure of another day

- Writing is a great stress reliever and very therapeutic!  Many of our Life Writer
   Customers have mentioned that writing their stories have been a comforting way of
   handling their daily stress

Whatever way you choose to manage your stress, I hope that you can make it fun and enjoyable also!


The Life Writer Co-Founder

- - - Consider de-stressing by writing your life story and sharing it with your family.

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