How to Record a Loved One's Life Story


Many people want to record the thoughts, feelings, and special experiences of their loved ones. They love those family members and want to understand, remember, and cherish their lives.

- - - Plus, it's FUN hearing about how it was back then, how things have changed, and some of the crazy things they've done in life (!)

The desire to capture a loved one's life story is very common, but the job is usually difficult because:

#1. The person asking the questions does not know what to ask and/or runs out of questions.

#2. Their loved can be reluctant because they don't think their life is special or important - because in the past, only celebrities and the wealthy were able to write their life story.

(Every life is unique and every person is here for a reason. Life stories are very important to FAMILY MEMBERS).

#3. Not many people have tons of extra time to sit down with their loved ones today.

We want to help resolve that problem and have created with The Life Writer PICK 56 - 56 special life story questions that any person can use anytime to capture the life story of their loved one (for non commercial use only).

The Life Writer PICK 56 comprise 10% of the 556 copyrighted questions used inside The Life Writer app, and are being made available for an individual’s use with their family (only).

The Life Writer PICK 56:

Chapter 1 - Our Family History

- What was your mother and father’s family name?

- What was the origin and meaning of those names?

- Where did your family immigrate from and when?

- Has family genealogy research ever been done? If yes, where is it now?

Chapter 2 - Your Early Childhood

- When and where were you born?

- What is your earliest childhood memory?

- Where did you live and what did your father (or mother) do for a living?

- What was your family birth order? Did it affect your upbringing?

Chapter 3 - Your Elementary & Middle School Years

- What was the name and location of your Elementary / Middle School?

- How big was your school and how did you get to it every day?

- Do you remember your first day of school? Or another early school memory?

- Did you like school? What was your favorite (and least favorite) subject?

Chapter 4 - Your Family Back Then

- Did your family have any honored traditions? If yes, what were they?

- Did your mother or father ever give you advice? What were their favorite sayings?

- Did you inherit any personality traits from your mother or father? Which ones?

- Do your siblings have a favorite (or funny) story about you? What is it?

Chapter 5 - Your High School Years

- What did you look like back then? What was your personality like? Were you popular?

- What was your favorite subject and teacher in High School?

- Who were your friends in High School? What activities were you involved in?

- What is your favorite - and least favorite - High School memory?

Chapter 6 - Your College Years

- Where and when did you go to college? Why did you pick that school and major?

- Did you live in a dormitory with a roommate? What was that like?

- Did you have a summer job during college? What was it and did you like it?

- If you could go back in time, would you change anything about the college years?

Chapter 7 - Your Military Service

- When did you serve and in what branch of the service? What was your rank?

- Why did you decide to serve? Was it a good choice for you?

- What was your service job or occupation? Did you get a chance to travel much?

- Please describe boot camp. What was that like?

Chapter 8 - Dating & Marriage

- When and where did you first see your spouse? Was it love at first sight?- What were your dates like back then?

- When and where was your first kiss?

- When and where did you propose to your spouse? How did that go?

Chapter 9 - Starting Your Family

- When and why did you decide to start a family?

- How did you pick the names of your children? Are they named after anyone special?

- What is the best thing about having a family? What is the most challenging?

- What makes you the most proud of your children?

Chapter 10 - Your Career

- What was your first job, how old were you, and how much were you paid?

- Of all the jobs you had, which one was your favorite? Which one was your least favorite?

- Was your career choice a good one? Would you go back in time and change it if you could?

- What career accomplishment are you the most proud of?

Chapter 11 - Retirement!

- How old were you when you retired and how many years did you work?

- Why did you decide to retire? Is retirement what you thought it would be?

- Now that you’re retired, what is a typical day and week like?

- Have you developed any interests or hobbies during retirement? If yes, what are they?

Chapter 12 - Your Favorite Things

- My favorite food, drink, and dessert:

- My favorite music, book, and movie:

- My favorite vacation and place:

- My favorite saying:

- My favorite possession:

Chapter 13 - What You’ve Learned In Life

- The craziest thing I have ever done in life is:

- The key to being happy in life is:

- The only regret I have in life is:

- The one thing that most people do not know about me is:

Chapter 14 - A Special Note to Your Family or Loved Ones

- To my brothers and sisters (or friends):

- To my children:

- To my grandchildren:

With regard to not having enough time, please consider calling your loved one over the weekend, emailing them The Life Writer Pick 56, texting them, or even having your children do that (!)

The life story writing process benefits everyone: The writer, their family & friends, and our society. 

(You can also ask your loved ones just a few questions at a time, like: 2-3 questions each week).

Reach out to your loved ones today with The Life Writer PIC 56 questions.

You will be very glad you did :)

The Life Writer PICK 56

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