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Beginning on Friday last week (July 9th) we have officially become affiliated with the online book publisher, Lulu.

... Why?

Because our Mission is to: Make life story memoir book writing and sharing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives.

And making it easy - which includes easy book printing - is part of that job!

Why Lulu? 


1. Lulu was one of the first online book publishers (they began in 2002 / yes, 19 years ago, which are ancient Internet years)! 

2. They are extremely capable (see some of that capability below).

3. Their headquarters are nearby. Like 7 miles away, which makes in-person meetings, customer communication, and other related matters easy.

Many of our customers also want to print books, and we often receive calls and emails about the printing cost and best way to accomplish that.

Working with Lulu will help us to answer those questions also, because they will make the process easy.

Lulu even offers an online BOOK COST CALCULATOR, which allows potential customers to understand the book printing options and cost. 

Here Are Two Very Affordable Examples:  

Cost Estimate 1









This Lulu estimate is for a 150 page book, black and white interior, and 6 x 9 inch paperback size. The printing cost is: $5.29 per book.

Cost Estimate 2










This estimate is very similar to the one above it, except that it includes color pages. The printing cost is: $6.79 per book.

Lulu offers a Book Shipping Cost Estimator as well.

Shipping Cost












The illustration above shows the shipping cost for a set of 12 books inside the U.S., with the same book format as above (150 pages with 6 x 9 inch paperback size).

As you can see, those prices are very reasonable and Lulu's book quality is high.

Which is why we have decided to become  affiliated with them. 

To help YOU, our customer.

To learn more about Lulu, check out their website:

- - - And write/share your life story today!

The process has never been easier or more affordable. :)


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