How The Life Writer App Works - Part 4


The next section of the video shows the memoir writing portion of The Life Writer app (see below).

That is what the writer actually uses to create their book. 



The heart of the app comprises 550 customized life story questions (see upper left).

Those special copyrighted questions come from working with "real world" people when our business was an in-person one-customer-at-a-time life writing assistance service.

Those questions ask not only the facts, but also what the writer thought and felt, why they did the things they did in life, and what they have learned in life

The answers provided to those life story questions are what are used by The Life Writer app to create the content for your memoir book.   

PLEASE NOTE that each question also comes with an example paragraph answer. 

The questions and example answers make the writing process really easy. :)

Photographs and other digital content (such as letters, newspaper clippings, and recipes) can be added to your story, via the ADD PHOTOS tab seen at middle right in the screenshot above.

The Life Writer app also offers automatic voice transcription (automatic speech-to-text) which minimizes the need to type, if the writer chooses to use it. That option is shown in the middle of the screen: the little gold microphone.

A Family & Friends Collaboration options is also included (see upper right side) which enables family, friends, and others to be part of the life writing process, if the writer wants them to be.

Collaborators can add their own photos, stories, or edit the memoir - no matter where they live.

... And one of the best things about the Family & Friends Collaboration option is: The originating writer gets to decide whether or not a collaborator's content is added or not (!) They get to give a "thumbs up or thumbs down" on the addition, before it becomes a permanent part of the book.   

One final comment of the questions used inside the app: Although there are a total of 550 questions available, the writer DOES NOT have to answer all of those!

They can pick and choose which questions to answer (see the 3 gold tabs and SKIP SECTION option at the bottom of the screen above). The writer can answer all, some, or none of the life story questions offered.

It is totally up to them.

And, you can even create a life story memoir book without answering any questions - by copying and pasting existing content or by just writing the memoir inside the app long hand.

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