How The Life Writer App Works - Part 2


The next slide in The Life Writer App video shows a photo of the narrator (me) and summarizes what the app does: It offers the user a series of special, customized life story questions and then automatically creates a beautiful life story memoir book from their answers.

The app automates what real world life story writers do with their paying customers (at a fraction of the price)!

— Like $95 instead of $5,000 or more.

... How do I know?

Because my wife, Teri and I used to do that service for others after we hand wrote her father’s life story.

Here is a photo of her father and her at one of his favorite restaurants: Marion’s Pizza in Englewood Ohio.

TP + Dad









And here is the life story memoir book we created with him (his high school graduation photo is on the cover).

G Book







... Yes, getting older happens to the best of us (!)

Teri and I loved helping him and others to write their stories. That job was super fulfilling and we learned a lot about life as well.

We also saw how beneficial the life writing process and result was, for all involved:

— The Writer

— The Writer’s Family & Friends

— Our Society

Her father loved creating his life story memoir book, and we loved hearing the life stories (many previously unknown) he told us.

The experience was very special and wonderful.

Which is why we decided to create The Life Writer app! To make that same capability available to everyone.

Our Mission: Make life story writing easy - to inspire, empower, and improve lives.

Because that is what life story writing does.

(The Life Writer App can be used by just the writer, or by the writer and their family together. Each license includes toll free customer support).

Try out The Life Writer App for free today:

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