How The Life Writer App Works - Part 1


We have created a NEW VIDEO which shows how The Life Writer App works!

To see it now, just click this link: 

 I will also explain the video in a few blog posts.

Here is Part 1:  

The first slide (shown above) is actually the last slide shown in the video.

It summarizes WHY a person should write their life story.

Because: Life story writing is a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

The writing process and result benefits the writer, their family & Friends, and our society.

FUN FACT: We originally used stock images on this slide to illustrate the type of people that life story writing can help the most:

- Families

- Children

- Groups of People (such as soldiers)

- The 3 Generations (grandparents, parents, and grandchildren)

V1 Final

But after we began showing off the video, one astute person (thank you, Lara) suggested that we use REAL WORLD people instead of stock photos, so we did.

I took 4 of the 5 real world photos myself.

Here is the improved slide version:

F V1.1


I left one of the stock images alone (of the Service Members) because I liked it, even though I am very partial to my brother Andrew's real world service photo below.













What do you think?

Should we put Andrew on the final slide, in place of the other 3 Service Members there?

Andrew - now deceased - was one of the kindest, most humble, and toughest individuals you would ever meet.

He was a high school soccer star and his team (Northmont in Englewood, Ohio) won the Ohio State Soccer Championship.

Andrew went to college after high school, but quickly became bored and decided to join the Army. He became a paratrooper - 82nd Airborne, 1/504th "The Devils in Baggy Pants" - and earned the difficult to attain and coveted Expert Infantryman Badge (shown above his pocket).

Andrew never really got the chance to write and share his life story with us, but I wish he would have.

We miss him dearly.

Write and share your story with your family (and maybe your friends). They will cherish it and you will enjoy doing it.

Here is a link to try out The Life Writer app for free:





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