Help Us Help Our Vets


I saw an article on AARP today that really upset me (article link below): 

Veterans Aged 55 - 74 Suffer The Highest Rate of Suicide

The article stated that veterans continue to be more at risk of committing suicide than the rest of the population, and former service members aged 55 - 74 are taking their lives more than any other group, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs. 

Over 6,000 veterans committed suicide every year from 2008 - 2017, and nearly 17 commit suicide EVERY DAY now.

And, the rate is increasing. 

While older service members are committing suicide, younger veterans are also taking their lives at a high rate. In 2017, 44.5 per 100,000 veterans ages 18 - 34 committed suicide.

Our veterans represent the very best of America and our values. They serve our country courageously and ensure our collective security. They spend huge amounts of time away from their families, do what they are asked to do without question or complaint, and routinely risk their lives and well being to do their duty. 

They deserve our support when their service is over. Something needs to be done about the veteran suicide problem!

From our work with life story writers, we know that the memoir writing experience is extremely therapeutic and that it benefits the writer, their family/friends, and our society.

That is why we are so passionate about making life writing available to everyone.

Because it benefits everyone.

Over a year ago, we tried to contact the Veterans Administration (VA) to tell them about our new app.  I even traveled to a VA-sponsored event in Hampton, Virginia to meet with VA reps. I spoke with several of them there, and I told them how The Life Writer app could potentially help our veterans and their families.

Here is the VA Capability Statement we generated for the meeting:













































(Some of the info is outdated now. We have a patent on The Life Writer app now and our business moved to Cary).

Nothing ever came from the many communications with the VA or the meeting in Virginia.

... It wasn't that the VA didn't like The Life Writer app. They never even considered it.

Why? And especially when 6,000 veterans commit suicide each year. 

- - - It surely can't be because our price was too high: we offered to give away FREE copies to our veterans.

(We give away one free license for every two that we sell).   

Please Help Us Help Our Veterans. 

If you know anyone at the Veterans Administration (or other reputable veteran service organization) that we could contact with regard to possibly giving away free copies of The Life Writer app to help our veterans, please let me know.

We would appreciate your help.

Contact me at: [email protected] (or) 888-501-7325.

Thank you.


Here is a link to the AARP article:    



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