Great Job, Megan + Team



I like soccer because I was lucky enough to play on a really good soccer team back in the day (1970s).

On a TRUE team. The Dayton Triangles.

We had a great coach - Jim "Donut" Droulias, a Greek immigrant and U.S. Air Force veteran - and a motley crew of players that eventually became brothers.    

Here are two photos (Bob and Daryl) and one before the Ohio State SAY Soccer Championship in Cincinnati:

Bob + Daryl


























(We were - and look - nervous, but we won).

But, this blog isn't about me or that team.

It's about Megan Rapinoe and The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, which recently won the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament. Their team dominated most of the games they played, and were clearly the best team there.

Great job, Team.

I feel that Megan Rapinoe, U.S. player and co-captain (#15) also deserves "Great Job" recognition because:

 - She won the Golden Boot Award (most goals scored)

 - She won the Golden Ball Award (most valuable player)

 - She is openly gay and a LGBTQ advocate 

While not being gay myself, I know that it's still not easy to be labeled "weird", "different",  or even "queer." And I'm sure that Megan has had a rougher road in life than many, and had to work much harder than most to get to where she is today.

(Isn't that equal opportunity what America is all about? Yes.  It's okay to be different here).

Congratulations, Megan and Team U.S.A..

You make us all proud.

Megan R.























PS:  While it's great to be king, one of the primary purposes of the World Cup is to bring countries together, to foster increased understanding and cooperation. Toward that end, I say Great Job to ALL the teams and players at the World Cup. Just to qualify there and represent your country is a HUGE accomplishment. So, here are a few photos of our other favorite teams: France, Italy, and Canada.




















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