God Bless America And Israel


This blog has nothing to do with life story writing.

It has everything to do with the fact that we are proud to be American - and we stand with Israel 100%.

The horrific Hamas terror attacks that occurred there on October 7th have been universally condemned as being:

- Barbaric

- Inhuman

- Evil

And they were.

Only a true terrorist - someone that wants to terrorize and intimidate others to get what they want - would brutally attack innocent men, women, children, babies, and the elderly.

I mean, what type of religion or philosophy would condone the BUTCHERING of unarmed, defenseless, and innocent civilians?

... And then celebrate it afterward?

I understand the occasional need for warfare, combat, and actions related to national security. That seems to be a byproduct of being human today, unfortunately.

But the killing, capturing, and torturing of completely innocent civilians is a new low.

I was not alive in 1945, but I am a student of history, and something smells - and stinks - in a very familiar way here.

Extremism: The holding and advancement of extreme religious and/or political views.

Have you ever heard of a place named Dachau?

It is in Germany, about 10 miles north of Munich.

My wife and I visited there once, during a European vacation.    

Dachau was one of the first concentration camps built by the Nazi regime during World War 2, and the longest running one.

It was not an extermination camp, which was built by the Nazis just to kill people.

They had six of those as well.

Dachau was a work camp - where the Nazis put people they did not like, into brutal forced labor to support the Nazi war effort. 

They also conducted cruel medical experiments there.

What struck my wife and I the most at Dachau was the fact that the Nazis did not just put members of the Jewish faith there (which they certainly did) but other groups also, such as:

- Social Democrats 

- Catholics

- Jehovah's Witness 

- Homosexuals

- Communists 

- Gypsies

- And Others

Children were used as workers also if they were strong enough to do the job. Otherwise, they were put to death.

31,591 people were murdered at Dachau.


     (From 'Concentration Camp Dachau' A Book I Bought There)

... This is obviously not a pleasant blog to read - or write - but I felt I had to, because of what happened on October 7th.

That was not a pleasant day for any Israeli either. 

I see parallels that day with Nazi (extremist) persecution during World War 2, because approximately 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis then.

And most were innocent men, women, children, babies, and elderly - just like the 1,300 killed, 200 captured, and others terrorized on October 7th.

Adolph Hitler, the Nazi leader, had a special hatred for members of the Jewish faith, and it's obvious that the Hamas terrorists do too.

... And if you think that extremism is a problem for Jews only, you are patently incorrect.  

Extremism affects us all (just ask the non-Jews inside Dachau).

I am very proud to be American because American troops liberated Dachau, and because our President has sent military reinforcements to the Middle East region to support Israel.

Because just as we did in 1945, we will stand and fight extremism - to promote freedom and to protect the interests of our country and allies everywhere.     

God Bless America, and God Bless Israel.











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