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I played soccer back in high school, and two years during college.

I usually played the Center Midfield position - which is in the middle of the field - and which acts as a link between two other lines of teammates:

- The Strikers (the guys up front who usually scored the goals)

- The Fullbacks (the defensive guys in the back that stop the other team from scoring)

We link those two lines, often doing a little bit of both jobs. 

Because you're in the middle of the field and supporting both lines, you usually have to run - A LOT.

Sometimes we would run the entire 90 minute soccer game, which could equal 5, 6, or 7 miles.

So I was a decent "endurance type" runner back then. 

- - - Not super fast, not slow either, and always moving.

As I have gotten older, I have been able to keep up with the running (jogging) but at a much slower pace (!) :)

(Can you say: "Hustling Turtle")?

I like to hike also, and frequently go on 1-2 hour hikes.

I was on a hike this morning at a park near our house, when I saw something that affected me greatly.

It was a young guy (probably early 30s) in a wheelchair, wheeling himself around the park in the early morning semi-darkness.

It was cold this morning, about 34 degrees, which is really cold for North Carolina this time of year.

I purposely walked nearby that guy, to say "Good Morning" to him.

He didn't respond (which is okay) but I could see a fair amount of emotional pain on his face.

He was built like a college wrestler - very strong physically - so I'll bet he was prior service, a military veteran probably wounded in battle.   

Seeing Him Made Me Realize Two Things Immediately:

1. I have it pretty damn good (mentally and physically) and especially for my age.

2. Our company has FAILED with one of our primary objectives: Which is to bring life story writing to U.S. military veterans.

It's not that we have not tried.

I have reached out to the local VA Hospital here many, many times (including phone calls, emails, and going to the VA in person)! 

I have also reached out to a half dozen veteran service organizations. 

(I even wrote to the Governor's wife here about establishing a life story writing program for veterans).

The response from them all: Crickets. 

Nothing from anyone. 

So, I decided to try harder and do something about it.


I signed into the local NEXTDOOR app and created a new group there: Veterans Writing Group.

And I posted this there:

I have created this group to help veterans (and non-veterans) via writing, and especially life story memoir book writing at any age.

That process is often beneficial and therapeutic. It can also:

- Give form to thoughts, feelings, and experiences

- Make sense of what has happened or is happening

- Provide a therapeutic release

- Gain control of traumatic experiences and memories

- Remember and commemorate experiences

- Bridge the gap between writer, reader, family, and society

- Challenge the notion that difficult experiences should not be revealed

- Find common ground and foster camaraderie

- Inspire, empower, and improve lives

All veterans in this group will receive FREE access to The Life Writer App ( which normally sells for $95.00. Non-veteran members can access the app for 50% off.

This video shows how The Life Writer App works:

Membership Will Include:

- Writing support

- App use support

- Life story snippet sharing support (if interested)

- Group video meetings (if interested)

- Other activities (your ideas + suggestions welcome)

Please Note: The Life Writer App is online and available on most devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones). You DO NOT have to be a resident of Cary, NC to participate.

Questions? Respond here or call/text me directly at: 919-619-5097. Email is also an option.


Marc 919-619-5097 [email protected]

(writing benefit list courtesy of WHOLEHEALTHLIBRARY/docs/Narrative-Medicine.pdf/


I did the same thing on Facebook also.

I created the new Facebook Group: MEMOIR WRITING FOR VETERANS with much of the NEXTDOOR app content there.

Here is a link to that group:

The Point is This:

Our company is seriously committed to making life story memoir book writing available to U.S. veterans, and we will donate thousands of FREE copies of The Life Writer App to them for that purpose. 

Are you a veteran that wants to write his/her life story?

... Do you know one?

I know a place where they can do it for free.

Keep us in mind.

Help if you can.





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