Free Memoir Books Available


Some of our customers have said that they wished we provided physical books also with The Life Writer App - - - so we have decided to do that!

A big part of the reason is, because of our mission: We Make Life Story Memoir Book Writing EASY - to Inspire, Empower, and Improve Lives.

See, even though The Life Writer App makes memoir book writing easy, it can still be difficult to print books today.

So, we will make that easy for our customers now.  

And, NO we are NOT raising our normal $95 fee for The Life Writer App either - which is amazing :) 

- - - We feel your pain with the record high gas prices + inflation! 

The New Free Memoir Book Offer Actually Includes Two Deliverables Now:

#1. A digital life story memoir book file (PDF) - which can be saved, shared, or printed out.

#2. A physical life story memoir book:

        - One free 6 x 9 inch black & white soft bound book, up to 150 pages in length 

        - With the following 6 book cover similar designs to choose from:



  -  If you need additional books, they cost:

              2 books (1 extra): $31  

              3 books (2 extra): $73

              4 books (3 extra): $112

              5 books (4 extra): $149 

              6 books (5 extra): $189

              7 books (6 extra): $299

              8 books (7 extra): $331

              9 books (8 extra): $369

(Book shipping cost is not included, but those fees are typically very reasonable).

Can we provide more than 9 books, books greater than 150 pages, color pages, and hardbound book binding?

Yes, we can! 

And you do not have to pay for those additional options when you purchase The Life Writer App for $95 either.

You can pay later, when your life story memoir is complete, and ready to print.  

Call or text us with your questions: 888-501-7325 (or email: [email protected]).

We have thought about providing books for a long time now, and are excited to finally bring that new capability to our customers!

... Are you ready to create YOUR own life story memoir book now?

There has never been a better time!

Try out The Life Writer App for free today.

Here is a link to the demo version:






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