Do You REALLY Have to be Rich & Famous?


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Do you REALLY have to be “Rich & Famous” to write a life story memoir book?


Or… Is that something that EVERY AMERICAN should do?


I’ve heard it many times:

… “I’m nobody special”

… “My life isn’t worth being inside a book”

… “Nobody wants to read my story”


From working with hundreds of life writers, I’ve got a surprise for you:

They’re WRONG.  


Having to be “Rich & Famous” to write a life story memoir book is an outdated MYTH for two reasons:


MYTH #1: I’m nobody special and nobody wants my story:

> Your FAMILY - and probably many of your friends – DO WANT your life story.


… They will very probably love and cherish it, because they already love and cherish you.


And you don’t have to share your story with the public like the “Rich & Famous” do. You share it with who you want to only.


MYTH #2: Only the “Rich & Famous” can write their story:

> In the past, only the rich could afford to write a memoir because the process took so long and because it was so expensive. They would usually hire a writer to do that and the fee would be $50,000 OR MORE.


- - - But that’s not how it is now.


Modern technology has made life story memoir writing easier, faster, and less expensive.


I have worked with hundreds of life writers over the past 10 years and found that the writing process and result often produces many wonderful benefits.


Here’s 3 Evidence-Based reasons why life writing is amazingly beneficial and will continue to be a hot trend in 2020:


1. It Can Connect Families – Life story writing and sharing can connect grandparents, grandchildren, and their parents. Dr. Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., has documented how vitally important that 3 generation connection is, and how every family member can benefit from it. 


2. It Can Be Inspirational and Empowering – Discovering how tough times and severe challenges were overcome by family members can be stirring and motivational. Authentic family stories and history can impart knowledge and confidence on younger family members. 


3. It Can Be Therapeutic – The memoir writing experience itself can be a journey of self-understanding, healing, and transformation. A recent U.S. Veterans Affairs study found that just 5 sessions of Expressive Writing - such as life story writing - were equal to 12 sessions of conventional therapy for treating PTSD! (Study #NCT0180073)


The variety of benefits is quite amazing and no wonder it has changed and improved the lives of so many people and families…


Which is why we’ve created and patented the world’s first life story memoir writing app.


It’s a tool that makes life writing easy, affordable, and available to people everywhere for the first time ever.


The Life Writer app guides you step-by-step through the life writing process and creates a beautiful memoir book AUTOMATICALLY.


It offers:

- Customized life story questions that make the process fun

- An automatic book format that makes it easy

- An automatic speech-to-text option that makes it fast


… It even comes with toll free customer support and a Family & Friends collaboration option.


When you’re done, you can share your story with your family online or print it out in many different ways – including as books!


If after trying The Life Writer app you feel it just isn’t for you…


… let me know within 14 days and I will buy it back from you.


So if you want to create a beautiful life story memoir book that your family and friends can cherish for generations…


… then try out The Life Writer app here:


You don’t have to be “Rich & Famous” anymore to write a life story memoir book…


… and your family will love you for it.


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