DESCRIPT: What American Ingenuity Is


I learned about DESCRIPT this week (website link below) and I wanted to share it because it's an excellent example of American ingenuity

Descript is a new automatic voice transcription capability and audio editor that enables you to create / edit audio by editing the text instead of the audio waveform. It offers an excellent automatic voice transcription capability, and also lets you move the audio around by editing the written transcript itself.

- - - That is amazing and a super invention!

Key Features of Descript:

  • Audio word processing: View voice audio files as text instead of waveforms — and then edit the audio by editing text.
  • Transcription: Fast, cheap, and accurate 
  • Web Publishing and Commenting: Publish your Project to the Web and share the link so colleagues and listen and leave comments on your interactive transcript.
  • Waveform Editor: For fine-tuned trims and crossfades, Descript has a full-featured waveform editor. It’s got something you won’t find anywhere else — the Word Bar. Just grab a word tab to add/remove silence between words.

The automatic voice transcription capability of Descript can help you write and edit any kind of writing - including your life story. Check it out below.

What I find especially impressive about Descript is that it was created by a small, tight knit team devoted to making automatic voice transcription available to everyone for the first time ever.

If that is not an amazing and inspiring example of American ingenuity, I don't know what is.

Congratulations to the entire Descript team (below). You embody what makes the U.S. so great: The ability of a dedicated team to come together and create something extraordinary. 



Click below for the Descript website:

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