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Do you recognize this guy?





























It's me, NOT marketing.

(Not really, but it looks like me).

Here's The Story:

I have a friend - in Nigeria - who is a natural-born marketer.

He loves to talk, meet people, and tell EVERYONE who he is, and what he's doing.

Not that - that is bad! 

My wife tends to be like that also. 

But, I'm just the opposite: An introvert, who does like people...  but not TOO MANY people at the same time.

(Probably like the guy above). 

And my Nigerian friend keeps telling me: "Marc, you've done an amazing job creating The Life Writer App, and your customer service is THE BEST - but if you don't market... It's like an old guy sitting by himself, reading the newspaper,  and wondering: ... Where are my customers?!"


He is really funny.

And 100% accurate.

Because with an online business, you HAVE to push it, or it will get swallowed up by all the other cyber distractions out there today.

- - - And it's no wonder, with the average Joe seeing 4,000 - 10,000 ads every single day!

I am quiet, considerate, and I never like to boast, so marketing can be difficult for me.

And, I've tried to outsource some of our marketing in the recent months, but that has not worked out too well.

So, it is time to put down my paper, chug my coffee (and/or IPA) and climb back into the marketing saddle.

Coming soon to a blog, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn post near you: MD marketing once again (probably with my pal, Simon)!

It won't be the prettiest, most sophisticated, or coolest content you'll ever see - - - but it will certainly be authentic!

Thank you and take care.


PS: Are you looking for an authentic gift to give this holiday season? Consider The Life Writer App ($95, with a possible 20% discount)!



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